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Mike Rose CMG January 2013

Champion by name …

We’ve been publishing since 1994

Our humble start in life has ensured we always keep our feet firmly on the ground.


The surprise launch of the Champion 19 years ago was in defiance of the Southport Globe being sold to a rival publisher, closed down and the loyal staff being made redundant.

So, in true Champion spirit, the staff decided to launch their own title. Within four days of losing their jobs the first edition of the Champion hit the streets!

Rival publishing groups scoffed and claimed it would never last. But, with each edition the Champion grew stronger and despite several attempts to thwart its progress it proved unstoppable.

Readers and advertisers were quick to support the new title and their encouragement was a key factor in the title’s success.

All these years later there are seven titles in the group with a combined circulation of just over 166,000 copies. It has become the largest weekly newspaper group in the area.

Today we employ almost 50 people at our head office and distribution centre in Southport plus over 740 people earn a steady income every week as Champion distributors.


The Champion may not have had an auspicious start, ... our first edition was produced with sales staff working out of the Scarisbrick Hotel, the editorial team gathered the news from the editor’s home and the administration and accounts were based in a garden shed.

The newspaper itself was put together on decorator's paste tables and the staff had a whip-round to pay the printer up front.

It may not have been the most stylish launch but it was certainly the most exciting.


It is still just as exciting and perhaps even more so as we, like most other businesses, find ways to succeed in today’s market.

We are proud of our publishing history and the contribution we make to the communities we serve.

We still believe in the power and the integrity of local newspapers and the vital role they play in supporting the local economy.


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